Search On Facebook Home Through Smartphone Becoming A Complicated Process

An interesting fact has been revealed by a recent study, which explains that use of Facebook  on smartphone is common activity which is performed by almost every smartphone user. The main reason which seems to feasible for increasing use of Facebook on smartphone is due to appearance of Facebook Home page  on smartphone as the result of which, users have to use it for conducting any search. However on the other side worrisome fact is that it also makes searching on smartphones a difficult task.

With increasing use of touchscreen phone, performing any activity on smartphones is becoming an easy task and with icon Google search bar located at top of recently launched android operating touchscreen phones, search for any information has became an easy going process. Whereas earlier variants of mobile phones have search key located in key pad.

Search through Facebook home page is a two way process and therefore removal of Google from smartphones does not make any sense. Facebook CEO, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg also seems to share same thought and has fully sympathy with Google, however he do not want to comment regarding search experience of users on this issue.

Let us have a look on the two images displayed below:

The left image of Galaxy Nexus smartphone, which has Google search bar located at top of the screen, from here anyone can just insert his search query in the box and conduct his search. Simple and one step search process.

The right image is of an upcoming smartphone HTC First, which has facebook home page integrated by default on it. For conducting any search on this device you need to first inseart your photo at the bottom of page, then drag on to your app drawer for opening it and then insert your search query at the top of page.

Let us take one more example this time you have HTC First at left hand side and Galaxy Nexus at right side displaying the icon for conducting any search.

In the above pictures again you will notice that the search bar is not visible on the recently launched in the recently launched android operating mobile phone. Let us take an example Galaxy S3, how a researcher will conduct search on this mobile handset after opening app drawer.

In the above image you will notice that search bar does not appear anywhere on the screen, that whatever application drawer you have accessed. Now if you install Facebook Home to your handset search bar will appear on your screen. Here the question arises that how the Facebook users have been conducting their search through Facebook home. To conduct search through Facebook they have to click on Chrome browser and then insert their search query. This form of conducting research is a common practice even on iphone’s from apple. But conducting search through Facebook Home on touch screen apple devices is lengthy and time consuming.

Commenting on this Mr. Zukerberg has to say that Facebook had no intention of changing the search habits of smartphone users. Moving ahead Mr. Zuckerberg said that Facebook wanted to introduce this practice as additional option for conducting search, this has nothing to do with removal of Google from smartphones.

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