Site Move Tool: A New Move From Bing In Its Webmaster Tools

toolUnlike Google, it seems that Bing has also adopted the practice of updating its services. Recently Bing introduced a new feature in its Webmaster tools facilitating the webmasters to change location of different sites. The new tool will help webmasters different ways whether they shift the structure of URL or completely change the address of website. The new tool will confirm the webmasters regarding successful transition of URL from one position to another. To make use of this tool webmasters will have to move on to header of Diagnostic and Tools placed in Webmaster tools of Bing.


It would be important to mention that to use of this tool should be done with full precaution because a little mistake can affect the existence of your website. Before using your hands on this tool you should decide that do you want to change the structure of your website by shifting its URL from folder or name of your file from your existing website or you are totally changing address of your website.

If you are speculating to completely change the entire infrastructure of your website than as a first step you should create the set up for new website on Webmaster tool of Bing, after which you can easily change the structure of your selected site to new website. For proper working of this tool Bing will provide you complete guidance throughout the process.

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The new site moving tool does not ignore the relevance of 301 redirects from your server, audiences coming on your old URLs will be directed on new URL only from redirects. The new tool will maintain the URL of your site in accordance to your older website by redirecting BingBot. Whereas in the mean time Bing will located the new URL of your website and transit the visitors on new location.

In a blog posted by Duane Forrester on Bing, users have the facility of managing their own canonical URLs independently. According Forrester, Bing does not automatically detects the canonical URLs and reframe them. With this he also said that in case if you do not change canonical URLs of your website and 301 redirects your page, the erstwhile canonical URLs will still continue.

As mentioned above it is necessary to use this tool with full precautions, because it also has few limitations. Before you start working on site move tool, you should make the proper set up of redirects of your URLs. Before making any changes Bing will properly detect that whether redirects will easily redirect the visitors on new page or not. Moreover after using this tool for moving your site for once, you will be restricted to continue with the new URLs for next six months without moving them.

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