Sitemaps – Part and Parcel of Web Design and SEO

Have you ever pondered over the fact that why sitemaps are important for your website? When you visit a new place, a map helps you to locate essential spots easily. The same rule applies when it comes to your business site. This tool specifically helps users to navigate through the pages with ease and convenience whether you are using a Laptop, iPhone or iPad.

It will not only help visitors but also the search engines to crawl the required information.  A sitemap is that page in your site that incorporates and shows all details concerning the links in your site. It is also organized as per the pages making navigation and accessing information pretty easier. Let’s read to find out more.

Better Ranks in the SERPs

Though sitemaps have no direct influence on rankings in the search engine results pages or SERPs, it doesn’t imply it’s not useful. Firstly, it helps search engine spiders to locate the content. This is one reason your site will be aptly indexed by the search engines. This helps in improved ranking indirectly. It also ensures that each web page contains at least one domestic link which is a significant component of search engine optimization.

When it is Necessary?

Sitemaps can be designed for portals that have average quantity of pages. Websites that are too big and have innumerable pages should not integrate sitemaps. These portals are already too complex with multiple pages and navigation. The features are intricate too. Including a sitemap will make the look more complex. Therefore, it should be added only to those sites that are less weighty in terms of pages.

This tool is supposed to make things simple; therefore should be used intelligently.

HTML Vs. XML Sitemap

Where an HTML sitemap will be placed, it fully depends on you. Most of the site owners prefer to place it at the footer section. These are designed for human users and are useful if a visitor is lost in your site. This map will help a visitor to return to the primary menu of the website.

These are particularly designed for Google spiders or for that matter Yahoo spiders. It makes indexing of the pages easier, thus enhancing your website rank. If it is designed by a professional web developer, major engines like Google or Yahoo will know about your website’s activity, size, and the significant changes that are made in terms of information. It will help Google to determine which are the most useful and important pages on your site.

Finally, A Look at the Benefits of using it

As a website owner, you would be able to keep all the pages organized. It will help you know what modifications are needed simply by looking at the sitemap. So, there is no need to check each and every page. This way, it saves a lot of your time. It will help you to ascertain the overall theme or concept of your website.

It also gives you an alternative for broken links, if any, present in your site. This does not imply, however, that you will not fix these broken links. It will make things works at least for the time being.

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