Social Video Marketing = Conversations + Content + Community

Social video is more than creating an interesting video and distributing it on you tube or other sites. Social video is about creating a social relationship between search marketing and social video.

Basically social video marketing is about marketing a message through video in the most effective manner. SEO is quite strong component of video marketing and now “social” also becoming an inevitable part of it as the competition is growing.

So, Lets explore that how social video marketing impacts video SEO :


Social marketing is helpful not only for SEO but for video too. You tube is 2nd biggest search engine which is weightily indexed in google’s search result along with an increasing number of popular video sites. Where people are non-stop searching their contents. If you want to fulfill the curiosity of people then you have to give a perfect title to your video and describe your video clearly. This one is the only basic step for making your video as powerful as people comments on it and shares it on their social networking pages. It must be kept in mind that if anybody gives negative comments on your video then give response quickly. Social video marketing is not just only about uploading video on YOUTUBE or METACAFE but it’s about interacting with your target audience and more over increasing the traffic on your site or blog.

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more which are quite helpful in driving the traffic on your site also need to be considered here. As Bing and Google both has confirmed that these social networking sites influence SEO; which involves “likes” and “retweets” influencing ranking in organic searches. Uploaded videos on Facebook and twitter are also being included by search engines.

Now the question is how to rank well on you tube! For this you have to consider these points :

  • Give your video a catchy title
  • Describe your video properly
  • Make sure that comments are invited on video
  • People are sharing video
  • Your video should get many thumps ups
  • Interact with people who commented on your  video

All you have to do is mix social mentality with your video marketing :


Social video marketing makes it easy to bring access of technological advancement around online video. It helps in developing a strategy related to your particular social video marketing which needs to consider in your own business. Here are few points which needs to be considered in this regard :


  • It’s about service you provide: No matter how entertaining and well produced your video is but it shouldn’t feel like an advertisement. An advertisement is intended to sell something but social video focuses on building relationships so that feel of purchase naturally comes in the customer with out any pressure.

  • It’s about real people: Social video is all about featuring real people behind your campaign as it makes you to share real stories rather than going for hiring a celeb or paid endorsements that have no real attachment to the brand.


  • It’s about conversations: Responding to people who are engaged with your video is quite necessary. This can be done by paying a good amount of attention to customers by listening what they are saying and responding in a helping manner.


  • It’s about dialogue: Social media is about talking with people so make it in a way like interacting with people on their level with out using any corporate language so that people can feel more engaged.


  • It’s about quality of engagement: social video is all about the quality and enthusiasm of the feedback you get on your video. Its more than just getting number of views.

  • It’s about participation: It’s not about just seeding the interesting content but its about participating with others in their conversation and content.

  • It’s about community: Social video marketing requires an ongoing engagement with consumers as well as with colleagues. Where group interest is given the top most priority over the personal interest. Everyone should have the feeling of belongingness. This is the key to success in this field.

Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.