Supportive Plug-ins By WordPress

My dear blogger friends I am sure you do not need any introduction to get introduced with WordPress. I have to ask you a question regarding your experience of posting your blog on WordPress. If yes than did you faced any problem with integrated plug-in in blogging feature of WordPress. Plug-ins integrated in WordPress is like a person who is lost in jungle without knowing the direction where he should proceed. Blogger is provided by huge series of Plug-ins facilitating them to download every plug-in which ever they find on their WordPress blog. Plug-ins is helpful in enhancing traffic for your blog and also conversion of your blog.

Existence of excessive plug-ins affects traffic on your blog. Sometimes there is dispute between them resulting in crashing of your blog or messing up of codes. To cope with this situation I would suggest you to work on five plug-ins that will help you in enhancing traffic for your blog and make you happy.

Google analytics:


If you do not want to get your blog affected because of excessive plug-ins then I would suggest you to rely on some trustworthy tracking tool. This you can find while plugin-in to Google Analytics that enables you to get every page of your blog supported by tracking code. This will benefit you to grab huge set of information which cannot be enjoyed from any other tracking tool. Integration of Google Analytics will provide you information regarding number of visitors on your blog, other referring websites, and various others each of one enabling you to understand success of your market strategies adopted you for making place of your blog;


Jetpack from


This single plug-in provides you the features equivalent to integration of 10 plug-ins. The brigade of Jetpack features can be discussed in following paragraphs:




  • Email Feature:-   Integration of Email feature enables your reader to subscribe for your website and get regular updates made by you in your blog at regular intervals. This will help you in getting their e-mail addresses which can further be used by you for other marketing practices.

  • After the Deadline:-  As a blog writer before final publication of your blog you would have got it edited by an expert. Integration of this feature will make you free from all such tensions and can be accessed for  finding linguistic errors and suggesting appropriate words to enhance the effectiveness of your content;
  •  Twitter widget:-   This feature helps you displaying your tweeter tweet on your blog;
  • URL shortner:-   This will enable you to wrap character of URL for your blog. This feature is mainly helpful in posting your profile on social network websites which allow constrained characters;
  •  Carousel:-   It enables you to display images on your blog in full screen.


Digg Digg:


With online marketing getting away from SEO and getting affected by user experience, it has become necessary to make your presence socially. It mainly depends on number of tweets, likes, shares, and votes made by people on your blog. The main objective of integrating this plug-in is to display information regarding comments made by reader on your blog indicating that your blog contains relevant information. The more likes undoubtedly increases viability of your blog. Digg Digg enables your reader to votes easily for your blog. Once getting it activated on your blog will enable you to integrate different social network sites on your blog.


PS: Integration of social network buttons on left side of your post makes them more impressive as it scrolls down with reader moving ahead on your blog.


WordPress SEO:


Search engines are helpful in grabbing traffic for your blog and improving their ranking. The appropriate use of keywords is helpful in enhancing ranking your blog and increase chances to catching attention of different readers. Assimilation of this feature makes your blog friendlier for search engines. Whenever you publish your blog, you choose appropriate keywords that will work for marking its presence in different search engines. WordPress SEO enables you to fix meta tags for your blog, XML sitemaps, RSS and various other features related with SEO;


W3 Total Cache:


The downloading speed of blog plays an important role in making it easier for readers to read it. Because slow downloading reduces the interest of readers even if you have written qualitative content. To get your blog work in proper shape get this feature active on your blog and speed up downloading speed of your blog. This benefits you in sustaining list of your readers and gets you connected with your readers.


I am sure this discussion would have been of some help to my blogger friends. I have to request them that if they find some more plug-ins on WordPress which are helpful in enhancing the feature of your blog please do feel to share with me.

Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.