Tactics Of Grabbing Clicks For Organic Search

Offsite engagement for awareness is a marketing term used for creating awareness among the customers regarding availability of any product or service and establishing its image as brand product and as an expert in its segment. This is done by make appropriate use of SEO services for making your product and services visible in eyes of customers followed by creating suitable content about your product and your association with sites of third party.


The other phase in process of offsite engagement for pertains to taking into the consideration the methods of earning funds including CTR (click through rates) from results displayed in search results, which is often not paid attention by SEO experts.  Well before you consider CTR as an important determinant of your profits let me make it clear to you that results displayed by CTR are mainly exciting and enjoyable. Because when search results for one item are not same by two search engines, expecting profits from CTR would something nuisance and considering it as the best way of grabbing traffic on site will be a big mistake.

Before preceding further let us discuss the factors which are affected in Search Engines Results page in absence of SEO campaign.


  • What: This is mainly related with the results displayed by search engines for particular query. Normally search engines displays and rank those results which have optimized and developed for specific sites through different platforms.


  • When: This factor is mainly related with search results in which name of your site was referred as an authentic search results. With help of query research experts of SEO can know the time when you site was mentioned in search results of different SERPs.


  • Where: This is factor corresponds to your position in page of SERPs. The relevance of this factor plays in important role in optimization of your website  and reveals the relevance of your website that it has been appropriately indexed and content available on it is of great value to the user.


Let us now focus on some factors which may be helpful in compelling people to click more on your name:


  • Make use of rich snippets: Google encourages the practices of using rich snippets and for this they even provide different tools to the users to check whether their strategy is fruitful for them or not;


  • Look after title tag and meta description about your page:  You should pay attention of determining title tag and meta description of your page and should design it in such a way that they reveal the idea regarding the information revealed in your page;


  • Create a brand image of yourself:  For making people aware regarding your website focus on promoting your website, getting it associated with other websites, getting it affiliated will encourage the users to click on your name for required information;

  • Keep watch on SERP: Delivering a good result is good practice but delivering a relevant result is helpful in grabbing more traffic on your website. And therefore the best way to know about reactions of visitors on your website is to review the results displayed by search engines;


  • Core Optimization is a key factor to compel people click on your website: Apart from page and code tag optimization you should also look after the structure of your site, inter linking of your website and how people move on to your website also plays an important role in placing your website in results of search engines.


Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.

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