Ten Important Chapters For Success Of Your SEO Campaign

Hello Friends, during last few years Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O) is the most commonly used term in cyber world. The significance of S.E.O can be understood from websites which had low ranking placement by various search engines results page (S.E.R.P) and after acquiring S.E.O service from any of leading SEO companies helped them in placing their position at top pages by same search engines after sometime.  Although almost every organization considers relevance of SEO but still due to unawareness regarding importance of SEO various companies do not consider SEO services necessary for their organization.  Today we shall be discussing 10 important lessons due to which one should not ignore importance of SEO.

Lesson 1:


Never Ignore Recommendations made by SEO:-

Friends you will agree that every organization has its own IT team that decides strategies regarding development of its official website. It is therefore necessary that IT team of your organization should not ignore recommendations made by SEO service provider company, while your team develops website for your organization. The reason for this is that IT groups in different organizations are not in position to access traffic grabbed by their website and moreover they are not in position to analyze performance of their website as compared to other websites. You should provide suggestions made by SEO team you should also tell your IT team regarding importance that search could benefit to your website. The reason for this is that higher ranking on SERP results in an increase in your revenue and also in number of your followers. However it does not mean that you do not pay any attention on the work done by your IT team and web developers. Because still there are some important tasks that are performed by them which result in increasing revenue of your company. Like use of appropriate keywords that plays an important role in acquitting top listing in research made by Google. You should inspire your IT teams to pay prior important recommendations made by SEO and enjoy success after they are properly implemented by your IT team.

Lesson 2:


Issues Related with CMS:-

You might have an impression that in current scenario Content Management System (CMS) is very SEO supportive. However this is not totally true. You should make sure that content management system adopted by you is assessed by an expert SEO team that solve problems related with:

Structure of URL that may result in duplicity of content/or creates problems in indexing;

Session IDs;

3  Menus like JavaScript or Flash drop which cannot be indexed;

4  Absence of support for custom page titles;

5  Absence of support to rel=canonical tags.


Apart from these there are almost more than 100 technical issues which could result issues related to search engines. It is therefore necessary to get your CMS properly assessed by an expert SEO company so that problems related with indexing and ranking do not take place.





Lesson 3:


Determine your keyword research:-

Keyword research refers to research that is used by your viewers for conducting research related to your products, services and content. Make it sure that language which you decide for keywords should be commonly practiced by your customers.  Although it is good to scatter your marketing in common language but then also do not ignore the importance of keywords that can be used by customers. For instance if you are involved in business of auto repair but still you must be missing additional search options if you do not include car repair in your keywords. In addition to this get assured that you have appropriate division between branded and non-branded keywords and that you are continuously working in improving your performance. More specifically it refers to searching for new opportunities with additional keywords.

Lesson 4:

Strong Content Strategy:-

It is one of the most important challenges that each company has to overcome. If you want yourself to place at the top ranking by Google for specific keyword, than you should develop a strong content for your website, which best matches to keyword of your website. In this regard if you do not strong team to write down strong content for your website, than undoubtedly you are missing the benefit which your website should have enjoyed.  You should decide content for your website according to standards determined by search engines and then evaluate that is your content suitable to be placed at top 10 positions by different SERPs throughout the research made by different researchers in whole world.

Lesson 5:


Integration of Social Media with SEO:-

Undoubtedly relevance of social media cannot be neglected for acquiring top ranking by search engines. Beginning from societal integration to link building you should make appropriate use social media along with SEO. For this it is necessary that team of your social experts should understand that what keywords would be used by your targeted customers. Integration of social media variables like Facebook, Pinterest can be used for blogging, tweeting, video production and sharing followed by your own communal segment. All this possible when there is proper coordination between your SEO and Social team.

Lesson 6:


Create reliable link acquisition strategy:-

Obtaining links is not making a cup of coffee and if not performed accordingly it could even become more difficult. If you have few directory submission and few easy to capture fruits then nobody can stop you from getting appropriate links. It is because of this every search engine emphasizing on ranking algorithms.  The major requisite for acquiring links on regular basis to make relevant and worth mentioning content for your potential audiences. It requires inspiration, endurance, dedication and appropriate strategy for performing all necessary activities required in digital marketing.

Lesson 7:

Creating Strong Analytics base that facilitates an easy understanding of user behavior:-

 With an objective of improving return on investment (ROI) you should have ability of performance metrics followed by ability of using them as key indicators for improved performance. To achieve all this you should posses widespread web analytic team which is appropriately used for assessing your organic traffic followed brand performance versus non brand performance. Your web analytic team should integrate your CRM data, your ranking data and social media performance so as to have complete regarding behavior of your users within your site and various digital marketing variants. This will enable you to assess change in performance depended on various activities that will result in evaluating performance of those activities that are enhancing your revenue.



Lesson 8:

Continue Testing:-

Strong analytic base will enable you to assess performance of your website, but also let you practice new tactics and measure their relevance. Various variants i.e., landing page design, page titles, link acquiring techniques, content segments require continuous testing for enhancing their effectiveness.

Lesson 9:

Integration of Paid and Organic Search:-

Maintaining proper balance between paid and organic search is always a difficult task for companies. Market of every product is quite different from other and requires ascertainment of appropriate budget according to your organic ranking may take some time and some testing may help to overcome that problem. You have ability of enhancing significance of paid and organic search programs equally by confirming that data for performance is shared commonly among both paid and organic options. The keyword for organic performance should influence keywords that you target in paid search and vice versa. Confirming that common keywords are noticed and provided to both team is one of the most difficult step that is carried for integrating both organic and paid searches.

Lesson 10:

Designing a Healthy Training and Communication Centre:-

Enhancing your team with necessary training program according to requirement of your SEO practices ensures high return in long term. The successful implementation of SEO campaign is possible with contribution from all teams of your organization comprising of IT members, content writing team, developers, team member of social media and others. Uniting all these sources at one place for improving performance of your SEO program and making them realize the importance of their contribution is a difficult task for generating encouraging results.

Epilogue:-  I am sure these 10 lessons would have enhanced your ideas regarding proper implementation of SEO campaign. If you still have any queries please do feel free to revert to me.

Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.