Top 10 Alternatives To Google Adwords In 2013

Yesterday my Adwords account was terminated by Google adwords saying it violates their terms and conditions and site policies. I was stunned to see the email but I had nothing to react on it. Though I could login to my account but I could not create any campaigns. And all of my previous campaigns were shut down. It felt like going bankrupt.  I searched for everything related to this ( I have to search on google itself) and I came to know, its next to impossible to get one adword account working again once hit by Google itself.

I could not have let my PPC ruined because of this. I searched for top competitors and got some reviews about them and started trying out them. I present the list for you if in case it happens to you.  I still believe just like Organic Search no body can compete with Google adwords in PPC. But sometimes you have to find alternatives :)

1. DirectAds from LinkedIn: The functionality of DirectAds offered by LinkedIn is similar to that offered by Facebook. The PPC option offered by LinkedIn platform facilitates the advertisers to promote their product keeping in concern the segment of potential customers whom they assume will go through their advertisement. The information regarding potential customers is carried on the basis of information gathered by LinkedIn from its users, that what type of information they would like to be integrated on LinkedIn. Therefore before placing your advertisement directly on LinkedIn it would be better to assess the number of your potential customers. The only major drawback of DirectAds from LinkedIn is that it lacks from proper reporting system as compared to Google adwords. As the result of which to enjoy maximum benefit of DirectAds you need to search an appropriate tool which supports DirectAds from LinkedIn.

2.Paid Ads from Facebook:  The craze of Facebook among the internet users is not hidden from anybody. Taking the advantage of this craze Facebook has also inspired various advertisers to promote their products and services through its Paid Ads. However there have mix reactions from the promoters regarding this platform.  Although Facebook Paid Ads feature offers wide platform to the advertisers than compared to Google Adwords. Facebook Paid Ads facilitates the advertisers to determine their potential customers on various factors for such as their age, hobbies, sex, geographical location etc. But the major issue of concern with Facebook PaidAds is that is restricts the advertisers to promote their product in limited words. The logic given by Facebook behind this is that registered users of Facebook unite on this platform to make their own club which shares common interests. To attract users towards your advertisement you should use some exquisite words which fascinate the users and compel them to click on your advertisement.

3. Adbrite: As compared to other website Adbrite has proved to be the toughest contender to Google Adwords because of its low cost of operation. With more than 80,000 websites AdBrite facilitates your advertisement to get noticed by more 300 million users of internet throughout the world. Apart from other features it also enables the users to edit their advertisements according to their requirements so that succeed in grabbing attention of every internet user.

4. Search Marketing offered by Yahoo: Yahoo Search Marketing can be considered as one time solution of advertising problems offering pay per click option to advertisers. Unlike Microsoft adCenter it also displays advertisements on the top position of results displayed by Yahoo for search conducted on it.

5. 7 search: Since its evolution in 1999 considers itself as a leader of pay per click advertising campaigns. According to sources of advertisers enjoy huge profits by displaying their advertisement on its platform, similar to Adwords and search marketing advertising offered by Yahoo.


6. Microsoft adCenter: The advertisements posted on this platform are displayed on the page of search results conducted on Bing. These advertisements are shown at the top on the right side of Bing’s search results page.


7. Chitika: Chitika can be considered as an instinct platform of PPC advertisement campaign. Chitika trails the visitors on different site on the basis of traffic conducting research on various search engines for particular product. It only displays those advertisements which are pertinent to search engines.


8. Exit junction: In simple terms exit junction can be defined as a program that grabs traffic leaving any web page. It has emerged as a rebellious methodology as far as advertising online is concerned. Once a researcher clicks on the first result page displayed by search engine and as a usual practice if does not find information on that page not suitable for him, he clicks the back option to go back on the search engine. Here is where exit junction starts its function by displaying the supportive links that are according to search elements inserted by the researcher.

9. Clicksor: As compared to Adwords, Clicksor offers pay per campaign at low prices. The advertisements posted on Clicksor are based on text and are relevant to business operators operating business on small scale. There is huge fleet of features offered by Clicksor mainly traditional designs of advertisement followed by innovative pop up ads. Apart from this Clicksor facilitates publisher to create two accounts as publisher and as an advertiser account so that they can easily transit their income from advertising to publisher account.


10. Bidvertiser: Similar to Clicksor Bidvertiser also offers PPC campaign at lower price than compared to Adwords and that also with wide range of various impressive features to support advertisement formats. Here advertisers have facility of customizing the outlook of their advertisement according to their requirement. The worth mentioning feature of Bidvertiser is that it can easily track any fraud practices adopted in advertising campaign, it also enables the users to convert traffic on their list available at Ebay.

Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.

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