Top 15 Social Bookmarking Websites By Page Rank And Alexa Rank

Social Bookmarking has become essential for web site marketing. There are thousands of social bookmarking sites to go for. Social bookmarking can help you get right visibility in right manner. Here we go with the lineup of top 15 social bookmarking sites keeping in mind the page rank and Alexa rank.




1. PR-8,Alexa Rank-131

2. PR-8,Alexa Rank-143

3. PR-8,Alexa Rank-272

4. PR-8,Alexa Rank-1333

5. PR-8,Alexa Rank-2686

6. PR-8,Alexa Rank-2920

7. PR-7,Alexa Rank-108

8. PR-7,Alexa Rank-1387

9. PR-7,Alexa Rank-2523

10. PR-7,Alexa Rank-5140

11. PR-7,Alexa Rank-8716

12. PR-7,Alexa Rank-8819

13. PR-6,Alexa Rank-2680

14. PR-6,Alexa Rank-2852

15. PR-6,Alexa Rank-3978

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