Top 20 Article Directories By Page Rank And Alexa Rank

Article directories are place to write on the basis of interest. The writing becomes more interesting and useful when you can give a link back to you main site.  You can find hundreds of article directories to submit your article.

Here We come with a exclusive list of top 20 article directories put together on the basis of google page rank and alexa rank.

1.    PR-7 Alexa Rank-1,729

2. PR-6,Alexa Rank-205

3. PR-6,Alexa Rank-596

4. PR-6,Alexa Rank-2,534

5. PR-6,Alexa Rank-3,654

6. PR-5,Alexa Rank-3,345

7. PR-5,Alexa Rank-3,969

8. PR-5,Alexa Rank-3,922

9. PR-5,Alexa Rank-4,105

10. PR-5,Alexa Rank-4,523

11. PR-5,Alexa Rank-6,038

12. PR-5,Alexa Rank-7,396

13. PR-5,Alexa Rank-7,863

14. PR-5,Alexa Rank-10,007

15. PR-5,Alexa Rank-10,521

16. PR-5,Alexa Rank-13,001

17. PR-5,Alexa Rank-13,388

18. PR-4,Alexa Rank-4,025

19. PR-4,Alexa Rank-7,649

20. PR-4,Alexa Rank-8,561

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