Top 20 Web2.0 Posting Websites By Page Rank And Alexa Rank

The best things about web 2.0 sites are that these are high traffic sites and at the same time they are high PR web sites. So getting a back link from these sites can be seriously handy. There are lots of webs 2.0 on internet, I have put together top 20 web 2.0 sites for posting high quality unique content pointing back to you site. Here It goes:

1. PR-9,Alexa Rank-18

2. PR-8,Alexa Rank-1

3. PR-8,Alexa Rank-46

4. PR-8,Alexa Rank-76

5. PR-8,Alexa Rank-203

6. PR-8,Alexa Rank-270

7. PR-8,Alexa Rank-371

8. PR-8,Alexa Rank-2118

9. PR-8,Alexa Rank-2900

10. PR-7,Alexa Rank-223

11. PR-7,Alexa Rank-350

12. PR-7,Alexa Rank-379

13. PR-7,Alexa Rank-658

14. PR-7,Alexa Rank-753

15. PR-7,Alexa Rank-822

16. PR-7,Alexa Rank-1894

17.      PR-7,Alexa Rank-1936

18. PR-7,Alexa Rank-2748

19. PR-7,Alexa Rank-3353

20. PR-7,Alexa Rank-3369

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