Twitter has been bringing revolution in the world of social networking with the series of serious updates. The new Twitter offers users with exciting new features that will let them make the most out of their Twitter experience. There has always been a lust of getting more and more followers on Twitter by accounts that were maintained by companies. Twitter now focuses on such users and offers the “Promoted Accounts” product for their convenience today.

The IAB Conference in New York is going to mark the unveiling of this innovative product. The process is pretty simple as stated by All Things Digital: business can now pay Twitter to be included in the “Who to Follow” feature provided by Twitter already. This is going to let brands have better visibility and therefore increased number of follower altogether.

The Promoted Accounts plan leaked a couple of months back when the concept was being debated amongst officials in Twitter. There were discussions related to the advantages and disadvantages of the very concept. The initiative taken back then has been developed into practice now. The Promoted Tweets are already going for $100000 so far and that is what drove Twitter to consider the “Promoted Accounts” option as well. Every brand desires to have more followers and better influence.

The Promoted Accounts will work the same as Promoted Tweets and the algorithms are going to decide the suggestions for users to follow. Users will have Promoted Accounts suggestions according to their followings already on the platform in order to make sure that everything that you get to have as a “Who to follow” option is of your interest in one way or the other.

Reporters tried to make something out of Twitter officials in order to have more details but it seems everyone has to wait for the IAB Conference due to get all the details.

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