Two Things to Check Before Buying High PR Aged Domains

buying aged domain

Lately I was thinking of building a Private Blog Network for my clients. It was my two years dream and finally I  decided to make a Ultra High Quality High PR Aged group of Blogs. I read almost everything related to the stuff but Things were not crystal clear in my head. After spending some hundreds dollars and getting cheated by some SMART Internet Marketers who know how to sell stuff in wrong way , I build my own check list to build a High Page Rank Aged Blog Network. For sure, I have some great and easy stuff for you guys hungry for building a blog Network.

1.   Dropped Domain

The first and foremost thing to check while buying domain is that if the domain has been dropped? What does that mean? It means if Domain has expired some where in the past and has not been renewed.

It it has happened, I would not suggest you to opt for the domain.

So how to check that ?

Yes, Just like you I also believe in free stuff. We can check it absolutely free at Just for example, The image illustrates a dropped domain, you should not stand for.

 dropped Domains

If you see, The Domain has dropped for Three Times, So this is most likely to loose its PR in next Google Update. Why to grab it? Stay Away.

2.  Valid Page Rank:


After domain age, The next thing which we should consider seriously is, Page Rank. After all you are paying for Page Rank. So you would like to make sure its a Valid Page Rank.

We have Google to tell us Completely free , If the Page Rank of the domain is valid or not. Lets see how it works.

Go to and Type this query:

and hit Enter. And you will find something like this image. I have typed one real domain which I bought.

Info Check

If your query string domain and result domains are same, The page Rank is valid and you can go and grab that One!

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