What Will Be The Next Move Of Online Marketing

Introduction of Panda and Penguin update by Google have become a part of history, and changes at jet dynamic speed have been witnessed in presentation and tabulation of search results after these updates. Last two years are evident of the fact that search engines have become more sensitive and defensive. Google still dominates the world of searches made on internet and search standards determined by Google are followed by its contenders.

Entrance of social networking websites like Facebook has widened the meaning of search results by displaying results in graphs. On the other side another established social networking website Twitter is also coming up with some high defined tools for search, similarly Microsoft has designed more advanced search platform to compete with existing search engines.  Going through all these developments in searches made on internet it can be speculated that in coming future various dramatic changes will be witnessed, which will change the whole meaning  of search definition. In simple terms it can be said that with changing time infrastructure of online marketing is changing dynamically. Let us foresee what changes we might see in coming future.

Role of social networking websites:

Entrance of social networking websites has greatly influenced the trend of web search, especially the organic searches. With collection of huge data set by social networking websites it is speculated that every search engine including Google will make use of this data in revealing the search results displayed by them.  Use of this practice has been recently adopted by search engines which is mainly due to emergence of inbound links as major determinant for social ranking. It is also assumed that social networks will completely eliminate use of keywords and hyperlinks. Although experts are still finding some solution to come out from this problem but at present it can be said that relevance of social networking in web searches cannot be avoided.

Privacy Concerns:

During last few years internet users are getting more concerned towards their privacy issues. The matter got more fired with recent steps taken by cookie legislation of European Union which made internet users aware regarding their online presence being watched by search engines. The matter got strengthened with rumors on misuse of browsing information by likes on Facebook and Google.

As a general factor nobody can be forced for sharing every post published on Facebook, and most of the people will oppose this practice. This is creating difficulty for online marketers to promote their product. The final word of story is that sources used for knowing the trend of searches made by user from websites have failed. However the best way to overcome this problem is marketing through permission where the internet user should be informed that information searched by him may be accessed by others.

Use of mobile phone will be widened:

During last one decade mobile industry has gone through dynamic developments which not another industry has underwent. As an impact of technical developments in mobile phones, they have emerged as mini computers that can fit into your pocket. Moreover with excessive use of smartphones and tablets it is anticipated that browsing on these devices may result in elimination of content marketing. This seems to be more true, because it is not possible to display huge set of information in small screen of few inches at same time.  For this marketers need to be more tactful and intelligent.

The complications with use of mobile phones is that in current scenario new applications are being introduced in mobile phones which are designed to provide browsing experience of few renowned sites. To solution of this problem can be solved by development of applications based on geographical locations of users for instance Google +, Facebook, which encourages the users to click sites of their own geographical locations.

Qualitative results:

With its inception Google emerged as a hotspot of web search and since then Google has been regular updating its algorithms for delivering relevant and authentic results to researchers. As an impact of these endeavors online marketers have benefited to great extent. Delivery of qualitative results to researchers is equally important for everyone whether it is a branded or non-branded. Use of short cut tricks for grabbing more traffic are not going succeed more in coming future.

With an objective of providing more authentic and realistic results to researchers established names are adopting universal approach while creating content for their websites. As there is not a magic stick to rule over the hearts of search engines online marketers are conducting serious endeavors to improve their visibility by making appropriate use of inbound links, social networking etc.

Flying at an edge:

Although negativity of low quality content has been realized by almost every marketer, but still there are some who believe that spam and links are helpful for enjoying temporary success for some times. And most of them are even succeeding in this attempt. This practice is mainly followed by blogging networks in Russia who are enjoying top ranking with help of such links. Although it seems to be beneficial deal but this practice will not succeed in  long  run and one day it will have to come down.

Creating qualitative content is more important than compared to making it compatible to algorithms of search engine. This  is key to successful SEO campaign. Although optimization of keywords is still necessary but not to that extent at it happened in earlier days.

To overcome all these tricky games Google has already introduced measures like de-indexing of BuildMyRank etc. As it has been already mentioned in Webmaster Guidelines of Google that paid links are meant for PPC and not organic rankings.

Future of web search:

Making accurate predictions is something which is impossible in this world and same is true with online marketing which is mainly due to technical changes taking place at high speed. Whenever anything is launched in market either it is accepted  kindheartedly by market or completely neglected. On the other side history is witness of the fact that products which were derided in beginning have succeeded in making others to follow their pattern. The same is happening in current scenario when online marketing is being affected by social media signals, it will be noteworthy to see that for how long this trend will continue.

However keeping the ongoing situations in concern which are moving towards merger of social signals with conventional searching methods, it is expected that some thing extra ordinary will happen with online marketing. Moreover when Google is involved in any such operation expectations are undoubtedly high.

How to tackle the current situation:

The best way to survive in current situation is to keep tight watch on changing situations. Year 2013 is not going to be an easy for any amateur online marketer anymore. The best way is to keep on updating yourself with new marketing techniques. One thing which is of prime importance in every situation is to stay connected with your customers despite of various technical developments.

Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.

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