WordPress Plugins Facilitating Blog Writers In Diversifying Their Blogs

Searching a new subject for writing, is one of the most common problems which I feel all of you would have faced on various occasions while writing a new blog. As a general practice every blog writer is interested to write something eye catching and new on hot topics. But going through your past blogs you will notice that for several times you had written various blogs on same subject with different titles. The best way to find a fresh subject for your new blog is to make a differentiation of your past blog. This will help you in looking for new subject to write a new blog for your readers. This method can be considered as a best solution of your problem. However going through this concern of blog writers, WordPress has provided some plugins which will help you in searching for some new subject to write for potential readers and let them know your fresh ideas on that particular subject.


This WordPress plugin is helpful in linking your blog website with websites that share the same content or products as revealed in your blog.  Instead of differentiating your blogs and focusing on your past blogs, the best way is to add new links into your blog website. This can be regarded as an effective and interesting way to serve something new to your potential readers to know what others have to say on same subject. This practice is also helpful in increasing traffic on your website.


It is also one of an efficient plugin which will help you in making difference between your already published blogs. I think it would be important to mention that this plugin has been successfully used by various blog writers. An interesting feature of this plugin is that while writing a blog it assists you with supportive pictures and already available literature on the subject of your new blog. By making use of this plugin you have facility of maintaining full control on your blog and making necessary corrections in the information gathered from other blogs. Moving ahead this plugin can also be optimized by mobiles thus facilitating you to make use of other plugins, so that your blog can also be accessed by mobile readers.

I hope you will find use of these plugin as panacea of your various blogging problems. If you come to know about availability of some more plugins of such kind, please feel free to share with me. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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